Clementine Cottage

Spring in the orchard Bearing fruit Plum trees beginning to blossom
Clementine Cottage is situated on a working fruit farm in the fertile Franschhoek Valley. The farm is 20 hectares (+-50 acres) of which are planted with plum varieties, soft citrus (Satsuma’s and vines. It is hoped to establish a winery in due course.

Water for irrigation is provided from a large dam on the property as well as by borehole.

Seasons on the farm

November to February is harvesting season for plums which are picked then delivered to the pack shed and exported overseas to the UK, Europe and the East. The grapes (Viognier and Shiraz) are harvested in January and March respectively.

March to May is cleaning up and maintenance period and preparation for winter as well as the staff have a well deserved rest.

April is harvesting season for the clementines (also called easy peelers/satsumas). The plum trees, being deciduous loose their leaves in winter and effectively go into a dormant stage and rest, awaiting the spring. Land preparation is also carried out for the planting of new orchards.

July to August is pruning season for both the plum and citrus orchards as well as the vineyards. Pruning is the cutting back of the old growth and stimulating new growth for the trees.

August and September is when the trees are in blossom. After a ‘rest’ the orchards are transformed into a winter wonderland by the blossoms while the bees are at work which are used to pollinate the blossoms.

August to November is ‘thinning’ were fruit is deliberately removed from the tree while still very small in order to produce fewer fruit but of a better quality and size. Summer pruning is also done at this time to increase sunlight into the trees.


Our cottage is set amongst orchards and vineyards and is situated in a spectacular part of the Franschhoek valley.
It has two tastefully furnished double bedrooms each with a luxurious en suite bathroom and dressingroom,
and a spacious living area with fully equiped kitchen.